-- Updated 24-Mar-20 --

Port Allen Lock
Lock Status Update

The following provides that latest condition information at Port Allen Lock.

Lock Status:
The lock is currently OPEN.

Lock Closure Schedule:

Traffic Information:
RIVER Lockings on Turn : 2
CANAL Lockings on Turn : 8
Maximum Lock Queue Time: 10 hours

Gauge Readings:
Open Flow : N
RIVER Gauge : 38.2
CANAL Gauge : 4

Closure Remarks:

Port Allen Lock operates *24 hours/7 days a week - 24 hr phone # 225-344-8272. Operators on
duty are in and out of control houses watching vessels pushing in and out. If no answer,
please wait 5-10 minutes and call back.

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The Contact for this Page:
Adam McFarlain, Lock Master
Port Allen Lock
Port Allen, LA